If you hold your darts right down on the point, you’ll be after points with grip. As well as increasing your finger grip on the dart, you’ll increase your darts grip on the board. Here’s what we’ve got for you, if you need to take that grip up a notch…

Target Onyx Silver Pro

Titanium coated with hexagonal grip. Superior board grip.

 Onyx Silver Pro


Target Diamond Pro in Silver, Black or Gold

Titanium coated with a strong lattice grip. Superior board grip.

 Diamond Pro Gold


Target Storm Nano Grip in Silver or Black

Super fine grooves for a precision point. This point is also shouldered for a super comfortable grip.

 Storm Nano Grip


Shot Arrowhead

Shot Darts Cinder Grip has been applied to these points, for added assurance on the grip and hold to the sisal fibres in a dartboard.

Shot Arrowhead


Red Dragon Raptor GT Gripped

Ergonomic grip zone for throw consistency

 Red Dragon Raptor GT

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