A seasoned dart player will tell you that not all flights are created equal. If you’re relatively new to darts, you’ll probably be wondering what’s the difference with each of these flight styles and which one should you be using? In terms of styles, each style has different trajectory and speed factor, but which one should you be using, well that’s a matter of personal preference.

Standard (or no.2)

Probably the most popular, all-rounder choice, certainly for beginners. Larger surface area and generally suit a player with a curved throw or less force.


Shape (or no.6)

Similar to standard, but narrower at the top giving the dart more stability in flight.




A smaller surface area for faster speed and close grouping on the dartboard.



Provides maximum lift and the teardrop shape helps to keep the tail of the dart down in throw.



The perfect shape for a fast flying dart. Good for use with lighter weight darts.

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