Gabriel Clemens Black - 90% Tungsten Darts

Weight: 21g
Sale price$150.00


The Gabriel Clemens Black, a beautiful dart range taking inspiration from his original generation one barrel design and enhancing it with a blackout look and additional performance coatings.
The 90% barrel features a tapered cut and combines radial grooves at the rear with nano-grip technology at the front thus presenting a unique grip and feel.
The barrel is additionally tailored with Target's pioneering Storm Nano Point, a uniquely devised and fully machine point offering reduced flight deflections and the ultimate finger grip.
The Gabriel Clemens Black dart is completed with a Black Pro Grip shaft and signature Pro.Ultra No.6 flight.

What’s Included
  • Target Gabriel Clemens Black Dart Barrels x 3
  • Target Gabriel Clemens No.6 Flights x 3
  • Target Pro Grip Shafts Black -Short  x 3
  • Target Storm Nano 26mm - Silver x 3

90% Tungsten
Front Weighted




21 6.6 52
23 6.85 52


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