Nathan Aspinall G2 SP - 95% Tungsten Darts

Weight: 22g
Sale price$200.00


The Nathan Aspinall Generation 2 – created and designed in collaboration with the 2023 Matchplay Champion to enhance performance and accuracy. The result is a high precision 95% tungsten barrel with the perfect weight and balance.

The barrel features multiple grip profiles throughout the barrel offering a well-balanced feel to the dart. The front of the barrel features CNC milled cross-sections separated by natural and radial groove finishes, with a nod to ‘The Asp’ on the nose of the barrel. The grip then moves to a classic radial groove back at the rear offering a consistent feel.

The Red PVD performance coating is then overlaid within the grooves of the darts adding grip and texture. The barrel is then finished with Target Pro Grips, Swiss Point and Aspinall Edition Flights.

What’s Included
  • Nathan ‘The Asp’ Aspinall G2 SP Barrels x 3
  • ‘The Asp’ G2 Standard No.2 Flights x 3
  • Black Short Pro Grip Shafts x 3
  • Black Swiss Points x 3
  • Swiss Points Tool

95% Tungsten

Front Weighted







24 7.05 50
26 7.25 52


Swiss Point Technology

The new range features Swiss Point technology! What is Swiss Point? Swiss Point is a patented interchangeable point system which allows you to switch your point length, style and colour in seconds with the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool being all you need to remove and install your points.

The patented locking system uses taper and thread technology, ensuring your points will not come loose during play. Swiss Points feature a strategically engineered groove which ensures broken points can still be removed with the Swiss Point tool.

Swiss Points are only compatible with Target Darts SP barrels.

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