LITE Lighting System

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One80 LITE Lighting System offers minimum shadow effect for players. A compact solution for dartboard lighting. Offering a new way to experience our straight lighting and price friendly.

No drilling into the wall. Strong magnets attach securely to the top of the dartboard.

5 volt , 2 amp. Powered by USB connection socket (USB wall charger not included)You can also use a power bank, easy!

Be sure to use a 2.4v plug to ensure maximum lighting effect

Light up your wall mounted dartboard or your tripod. Can be used with or without a dartboard surround. The ideal travelers lighting solution! 

Length of Lite bar 70cm.
Bar sticks out 38cm from the wall.
18cm height from the top of the dartboard to the top of the horizontal bar.
Easily add a surround to the dartboard to complete the set up.

TDD is NZ's exclusive stockist. 

Dartboard and surround sold separately.

Not compatible with Shot dartboards as they have a plastic band exterior versus other boards with the steel (magnetic) structure.

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