Swiss Storm Diamond Points - Silver

Length: 35mm
Sale price$28.00


The Swiss Storm Diamond points redefine dart aesthetics with a seamless flush finish as they sit perfectly aligned with the dart barrel. This distinctive design features a machine laser-etched diamond grip for additional dartboard entry grip.

With the patented Swiss Point System, effortlessly switch these points using a patented locking mechanism and a convenient pocket-sized tool for swift customization. Taper and thread technology guarantee securely locked points during play, ensuring a seamless and precise gaming experience with every throw.

Explore versatility with our interchangeable points, precision-engineered for secure connections. The strategically engineered groove facilitates the easy removal of broken points, ensuring your darts remain in action, maintaining consistent and reliable performance throughout your game.

Each pack contains 3x Swiss Storm Diamond Points, providing the ultimate flush-finished point for precision and durability. 

Each pack contains three points.

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