Zen Juji - 80% Tungsten Darts

Weight: 26g
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Abide and maintain – this is the Jūji philosophy. With this pocket rocket 80% tungsten barrel at your fingertips, you can’t miss. In Rose bomb pct coating, with a cresting Wave grip for effortless release, Jūji’s power is distilled into the balance point. This mighty dart’s short length and front weight lets it self-correct in flight to hit the dartboard straight and true. Practice. Try again. Keep it up. You’ll surely achieve remarkable things through dedication and perseverance.

Barrel Design: Juji's shape is tried and true, especially for those still experimenting with finger positions. This Barrel flies true if you grip from the front or the rear. A rounded nose with reference grooves tapers to the high point, populated with a consistent and rolling grip - these cuts have a smooth feel. Simple square grooves combined with rings follow at the tapered tail.

Precision made in Katikati, New Zealand.

What’s Included
  • Shot Zen Juji Barrels x 3
  • Shot Zen Juji Flights - Small Standard x 3
  • Shot Black Aluminium Anodised In Between Shafts x 3

80% Tungsten

  • Front Weighted
  • Grip: 3/5




23 7.70 46




26 7.80 48

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