The Condor 2 in 1 Flight and Shaft System has become like a household name in darting households worldwide. Precision-made in Japan, Condors have long earnt their reputation for being the most reliable in molded 2 in 1 flights in the world.

Condor comes in two strength options. Firstly, Condor Zero Stress, is made from a super flexible soft and secret material. The Zero Stress range is loved for its greater flexibility and movement whilst grouping your darts on the board. The alternative to the Zero Stress, is the Condor Axe. A more rigid option, with less flexibility and built for strength.

Condor Zero Stress & Condor Axe

As well as the strength of the flight itself, all Condors feature, what they call the ‘Condor Cut’. A groove, almost the length of the shaft, on either side of the flight wings, which reduces the drag as your dart flies through the air. It also enables for closer grouping as second and third darts more easily glide past the first. Win win!

Condor Cut

The price, you ask? It’s no secret that at the time of purchase, a set of Condors are going to set you back a bit more than a regular set of dart flights and polycarbonate or nylon shafts. But with a set of Condors, you’re truly paying for not only the epic design, but also the longevity. Many players will get quite a number of weeks (or even months!) from a set of Condors, whereas regular flights can start to see visible wear and tear after just one session. In our humble opinion, they’re well worth a try! If you’re close by our Auckland store, stop in to test a set of Condors for yourself.

And here’s to a game of darts where your dart flights finally stay put in flight!

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