A cunning piece of dart equipment and well worth the tiny price of acquiring a set… dart point cones.

Common in the list of dart game niggles is the rapid damage of your flights, caused by the second and third incoming darts. Lightweight and affordable, dart point cones are a no-brainer if you are finding your flights wearing out faster than you’d like. Particularly an issue if your go-to darts have little or no taper at the nose of the barrel.


You’ll usually get 3 or 4 sets of dart point cones in a pack. They’re quite literally a tapered, cone shaped ring of plastic that sit over the base of your point, where it meets the barrel, creating a smooth taper from point to barrel.

Winmau Trident 180 Dart Point Cones:

Trident Point Cones

The alternative to dart point cones, check out some points that come with a built-in taper, such as the patented Red Dragon Trident Points. They’re built for the exact purpose of reducing dart-on-dart deflections and damage to your flights.

Red Dragon Trident Points

If Target Swiss Point Darts are your thing, you might be in the market for a set of Target Swiss Storm Points, with built in taper.

Target Swiss Storm Points

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