Jack Sheppard

 The Dart Depot are proud to support such an awesome young NZ dart player working is way up the ranks in darts in NZ. 

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We recently asked for a bit of a 'history of darts' according to Jack... 

When did you start playing darts and what first got you into the sport?

I started playing darts at the age of 4, when my dad taught me to assist with my mathematics, and then it grew from there…

Taking up playing properly in clubs at the first chance I got when I was 8-9 years old

Key achievements/what are you most proud of in your dart achievements?

I have a decent amount of what I have achieved so far but the standout ones would be qualifying for a couple of overseas youth events including the JDC Super 16 in Wolverhampton in 2019 where I was the only non-European to qualify for the event.

The other being the JDC World Cup of Darts 2019, where I finished in the top 8 in a 128-player field. And I will be heading back to Gibraltar in 2022.
I have one the NZDC junior championship x2 times (2016 & 2019), as well as the Charter junior nationals (2021). Then alongside Tracy Macdonald winning the NZ charter club national mixed pairs (2022). Plus winning the South Island Masters Mens Pairs (2022) and the John Wilkie Youth Singles (2022).

How often do you practice?

I don’t usually have a set routine when practicing I just play for a bit every now and then… adds up to a few hours a day, but lately, trying to do more when I can.

What does your new partnership with One80 mean to you?

The One80 partnership means a lot to me, it allows me to focus more on my game and gives me encouragement to do better! And hopefully gives the One80 team the chance to promote each other and help one another out to support each other.

I look forward to working with them with my equipment, and hopefully producing some gear that can give the players a chance to use the same things I use. Hopefully it can bring out the best of everyone’s game.

Who is your biggest rival?

My biggest rival is probably myself to be fair! I don’t actually think I have one as of yet, I’m working my way up to the big guys in NZ darts so I’m sure we’ll get a big one soon!

Who is your biggest fan?

I don’t even know. I could say my parents, if we go down that path, but there are a few people that seem to be fans of me, especially the youth players coming through. I’m kind of like Wazza or Big Rig for them which is really cool.

Do you have any advice for other young people who might be interested in giving darts a go?

Be confident, put in the prep both mentally and physically (but mentally is the main one) and just enjoy it but don’t take it TOO seriously, and have fun with it and experiment with your game and see what works for you.

Jack thanks his sponsors...

Jack thanks his sponsors