975 Ultra Marine - SP 97.5% Tungsten Darts - 03

Weight: 22g
Sale price$520.00


975 Editions are inspired by pushing boundaries of dart design and performance and continuing to develop and innovate concepts as far as possible. It is Target's pursuit of perfection.

The Ultra Marine is the latest edition within the 97.5% tungsten range.

The Barrel

  • The barrel, inspired by elements of the Elysian 7th Edition, features a combination of unique & incredibly high precision CNC machined grip profiles to create a dart of unrivalled excellence.
  • The front and rear of the barrel starts with our Nano grip, the front seamlessly connected to the Swiss Storm Nano point providing a perfect grip. The grip then moves to the high precision CNC milling found on the 7th Edition of Elysian, a highly detailed grip offering a complexity rarely seen on barrel designs. The grip is then separated in the center by a unique CNC multi-axis milling technique to provide a new type of grip profile.
  • The barrel is then further enhanced, featuring K-Flex in vivid blue texture.

K Flex

  • K-Flex is a high-performance, all-in-one flight and shaft system featuring Target’s patented twist system offering a lightweight, durable, molded system that maintains the perfect 90 degree flight angle at all times.
  • K Flex is also sold separately in a variety of additional colours.

The Complete Set

  • The Ultra-Marine is presented in a vivid blue 975 presentation box featuring a number of extra accessories to enhance your experience.
  • The 975 Range, it is Target's pursuit of perfection.


What’s Included
  • 975 Ultra Marine 01 Dart Barrels x 3
  • K Flex Flight & Shaft System Short No.6 in Blue x 3
  • Unique and Exclusive Ultra Marine Takoma Wallet – not sold separately x 1
  • 26mm Swiss Storm Nano in Silver x 3
  • 26mm Swiss Storm Nano in Black x 3
  • 30mm Swiss Storm Nano in Silver x 2
  • Premium Swiss Key x 1
  • Exclusive 975 Ultra Marine Pin Badge x 1
  • 975 Ultra Marine Booklet x 1

97.5% Tungsten




22 6.8 50





If your Target dart point snaps flush with the barrel, and our repointing tool cannot grip the remaining point to remove it, you can send your darts to Target Darts in the UK for repair.

With Target branded darts and points, this is preferable as using vinegar to dissolve the points (whilst it often works!) voids your Target Darts lifetime barrel guarantee.

Shipping your darts to Target Darts in the UK is at your own cost (estimated around $35, subject to change), as are any costs of repair needed or new points to be fitted. Broken point removal usually takes around 10 working days from the date Target receives your darts and there is a declaration/waiver you will need to sign beforehand. Any questions, reach out to us!


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Eric Cooke
Target Ultramarine 975 darts

Something for the grandkids in the future, only to look at !

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