Fit Flight AIR Bubblegum Skulls - Standard

Sale price$14.00


Thinner, lighter and more flexible. Fit Flight AIR is approximately 35% thinner and 33% less weight than the Cosmo Darts Original Fit Flight. Even though the Fit Flight AIR has been reduced in thickness, the durability of the flight has been maintained due to its flexibility.

The Fit Flight AIR Standard No.2 weights 0.64g with a height of 42.6mm and thickness of 0.30mm.

Only for use with Cosmo Fit Shafts.

About the Cosmo Fit Flight System

The Cosmo Darts Fit Flight System is all about a “simple and a stress-free dart set-up.”
The dart flight maintains its trajectory at four, 90-degree angles. Featuring easy installation in combination with the Cosmo Darts Fit Shafts push-in system. Super easy to use and enables players to focus on their dart game.

Fit Flights are designed and made with high-quality plastic resin, in a highly sophisticated injection-molded technique, producing high quality flights that have combined high-performance with usability. The ideal balance between durability and weight of the flight.

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