Mako Titanium Shafts

Length: Short 35mm
Sale price$25.00


Precision machined in Titanium for maximum strength yet lightweight; the Mako dart shafts are re-machined with an impressive and aggressive shark grip. Mako dart stems are crafted from Grade 5 titanium, known for its exceptional strength and resistance to fatigue. Cross holes for tightening, and O Rings are included for a superior shaft-to-barrel fit.  Designed for use with 100 Micron (or lower than) Flights.

Crafted from tough grade 5 titanium-The Shot Mako Titanium dart stems are precision made for strength, yet featherlight to use. For use on steel tip darts and soft plastic tip darts. 

Size Length Thread
Short 35mm 2BA
In Between 38mm 2BA
Medium 41mm 2BA

Measurement does not include thread.

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