Tech 450 Shuttlecocks (6 Pack)

Speed: Medium
Sale price$30.00


The Tech 450 from the well-known German-British brand Talbot-Torro is a high-quality and durable tournament nylon shuttlecock with a cork base. It is particularly suitable for ambitious recreational sports and training. The feather dress is made of 100% pure nylon material and no “cheap” recycled material. 

Thanks to the pure nylon, the feathers are significantly more supple and elastic, making them more durable and not tearing as quickly. The head of the shuttlecock is made of 100% pure cork (not pressed cork that is glued together and pressed from cork crumbs) => better flight properties and greater durability.

There are 6 balls in each can. 

Blue Speed: MEDIUM (the all-round talent)


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