The L-Style range is an innovative Japanese designed range of dart accessories. Perfect, squarely molded dart flights will improve your accuracy and will outlast any regular flight.

With L-Style, you have two options: L-Style EZ (Ring Integrated) or L-Flights and Champagne Rings

L-Style EZ have their Champagne Rings built in, so you won't need to purchase them separately. We stock L-Style EZ in Standard (L1) and Shape (L3) in a selection of different colours. With the L-Style EZ we still recommend using with the L-Shaft, but you can use these flights with your other favourite nylon/plastic shafts too.

L-Flights, a bit different, you'll need Champagne Rings to accompany this awesome technology. We stock the L-Flights in Standard (L1), Shape (L3), Kite (L4) and Slim (L6).

So grab yourself a set of L-Flights and Champagne Rings, We'd also recommend L-Shafts with the L-Flights. If you are opting for L-Shafts, they come with Champagne Rings already fitted... handy!


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